Robin Hood Musical
“When a place is your home, you have a responsibility to take care of it. To make it a place you can be proud of…”
Robin Hood is a legend. Whether he is a hero, hood, or the ORIGINAL PRINCE OF CHARITY, is up for
debate. In this Monty Pythonesque comedic and compassionate musical adaptation, we revisit an age old tale of love, civil disobedience and the quest for a true meaning of

A troubled, destitute kingdom, ravaged by greed, is left to the mercy of an unscrupulous Sheriff. From nearby Sherwood Forest, one man and his band of vowed compatriots(Will Stutely, Friar Tuck, Little John and many Merry Men…) choose to make a stand for good. He captures the imaginations of the downtrodden peasants, woos the beautiful niece of the missing King Richard, and dedicates his life to the freedom of the good people of Nottingham. Do his actions of bravery make him a hero or a hood? It’s up to the audience to decide.

Originally produced and developed at Manhattan Children’s Theatre, shortly after 9/11, Mark Sarto’s musical adaptation garnered stellar reviews for telling
“a happy, hopeful and accessible take on good overcoming evil, always welcome in most uncertain times.”

Director, Laura Stevens, was privileged to bring Sarto’s musical to The Assembly – George Square for Fringe 2017. This was Stevens’ 3rd Fringe production working with the brilliantly talented British actors and designers while carrying on MCT’s mission here in Scotland, her home.

3rd -23rd August 2017
Assembly, George Square Gardens
Meet The Team
The Cast
Robin Hood
Tom Duncan
Maid Marion
Hannah Howie
The Sheriff / Little John
David Mahoney
Maid, Archer, Merryman
Isobel McArthur
Martin Murphy
Will Stutely
Matthew Tomlinson
Male Understudy
Sean Fitzpatrick
Female Understudy
Sarah Haddath
The Production Team
Our Director
Laura Stevens
Our Playwright
Mark Sarto
Musical Director / Friar Tuck
Stuart William Fleming
Lighting Design & Stage Management
Victoria Gillespie
Costume/Set Design
Michael Schloegl
Production Manager & Prop Design
Linda Gillespie
Graphic Designer
Chris Alonzo
Website Design & Social Media Management
Reviews Of The Show

“….romance, fear, intrigue, and comedy – all delivered at a fast and energy filled pace.”,

“This slick performance of Robin Hood by Manhattan Children’s Theatre (Edinburgh) will leave you laughing, humming the songs, and with a strange desire to shout ‘Hail King Richard'.”

Broadway Baby

“Well conceived adaptation of Robin Hood for youngsters retains the original’s heroics”

The List

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