A Little Mermaid she is not. A fast paced, interactive comedy. A universal quest. A for all ages.
Left with a cryptic note, a pearl, and three annoying oysters for company, MERMALADE is determined to make sense of it all. She’s brave enough to approach the biggest forces in the universe. She’s strong enough to confront those that get in her way. But is she wise enough to find her answer?

Add three life size Oysters as narrators, cameos from the Moon, Sun, Stars, Thor (God of Thunder), a beach setting, a splattering of pop music and one strong-willed 11-year-old girl that never quits and what do you get?

Unlike traditional fairy tales, MERMALADE’s story holds no moral decree. In the Socratic Spirit, the show offers more questions than answers with WHY? being at the top of the list.

Why does everyone tell me what to do and feel?
Why is a pearl so special?
Why do I have to keep asking “WHY?”

Laura Stevens adapted Mermalade for the stage based on a children’s book written and published by Edinburgh-based writer Clare Cockburn-Martin. The script combines the voices of the two women, intertwining and diversifying to tell the tale. What is so special is that the universal themes that first touched them to create both the story and the play has produced something truly different and enduring – like a pearl itself – as well as a rare creative friendship.

3rd -29th August 2016
The Pleasance Courtyard
Meet The Team
The Cast
Gigi Neil
Oyster 1
Marc Mckinnan
Oyster 2
Martin Murphy
Oyster 3
Ross Donnachie
James Boal
The Production Team
Laura Stevens
Clare Cockburn-Martin
Anna Welch
Production/Design Management
Linda Gillespie
Sound Design
Jennifer S Gillespie
Stage Management
Victoria Gillespie
Costume/Set Design
Michael Schloegl
Website Design & Social Media Management
Reviews Of The Show

“….romance, fear, intrigue, and comedy – all delivered at a fast and energy filled pace.”,

“This slick performance of Robin Hood by Manhattan Children’s Theatre (Edinburgh) will leave you laughing, humming the songs, and with a strange desire to shout ‘Hail King Richard'.”

Broadway Baby

“Well conceived adaptation of Robin Hood for youngsters retains the original’s heroics”

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